Stellar Group is an international alcoholic beverages producer and distributor providing modern and safe products to consumers worldwide.
Stellar Group is an international alcoholic beverages producer and distributor providing modern and safe products to consumers worldwide.
The Group invests both in the acquisition of alcohol brands that hold strong positions on local and international markets, and in its own distribution network.

The Group's Core activities include:
- managing a range of our own brands;
- distributing well-known alcoholic brands.

Stellar Group imports foreign alcoholic brands into Russia and successfully promotes them on the domestic market.

Until recently, the company traded in Russia under the name Spirtnoy. However, in 2017, in order to secure future growth, particularly on the export markets in Western Europe and the US, to maintain maximum openness and transparency of operations, and to implement Western business management standards, it was decided to rebrand the company on the domestic market. The Group's name, Spirtnoy, was officially changed to Stellar Group.

  • Mission and principles
We have set ourselves an important goal to change quality of life by offering the experience of revolutionary products.
Life in development
Сontinuous personal and business development and improvement.
Democratic values
Equality for all involved in the business process.
Openness to everything new and a proactive approach to the needs of society and our business partners.
Result focused approach
Responsibility for all actions of the company and our employees throughout our business operations.
Our major international markets include Germany, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Cyprus, South Korea, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Uzbekistan.
In Russia, the Group's products are sold through all national retail chains in over 90% of regions.
Customers and Partners
We are proud of our partnerships with industry leaders and always strive to build our relationships with them to mutual advantage.
Old Barrel product line
Традиции, опыт мастеров и время – вот основные слагаемые успеха настоящего коньяка. Бережный и многолетний уход за виноградной лозой, тишина и полумрак коньячных погребов, в которых в дубовых бочках созревает благородный напиток - так рождается на свет напиток мудрости!

Мы собрали все лучшее, что может быть использовано при производстве коньяков, чтобы создать линейку вкусов «Old Barrel». А разработку дизайна поручили ведущему британскому дизайн-бюро «Claessens». Так родилась наша гордость – коньяк «Old Barrel».

Украшение коллекции – это коньяк «Old Barrel ХО».
В купаж этого напитка входят коньячные спирты, выдержанные не менее десяти лет. Букет «Old Barrel ХО» очень сложен и изыскан, обладает удивительной мягкостью и тонкостью.

Old Barrel VSOP and Old Barrel VS
These blends are distinguished by a select choice of spirits and adapted for the tastes of Russian consumers. These brandy are blended from spirits aged in oak barrels for at least five and three years, respectively.

Volumes available: 0.1/0.25/0.5l.

Barrel Export brandy
In late 2017, STELLAR GROUP expanded the Old Barrel range and introduced the Barrel Export brandy to the Russian market.

The Monte Choco line
The Monte Choco brandy was developed by the best Russian and French blending masters and gained popularity for its exquisite taste with delicate chocolate notes.

Monte Choco line includes VSOP and VS cognacs and is available in 0.25 and 0.5 l bottles.

At the end of 2014, traditional brandy blends were expanded by the addition of Monte Choco Dark Chocolate with deep chocolate after-taste and characteristic brandy strength, bottled into recognizable black frosted glass bottles.
Gzhelka Vodka
The return of the legend

For over a quarter of a century the famous Gzhelka has been widely known in Russia and abroad. It has seen many vodka brands rise, some to a certain degree of success, and then disappear without a trace. Gzhelka stayed. Since its introduction in Russia, Gzhelka has become an unwavering symbol of quality and has become one of the leaders of the vodka market. The brand recognition is unique with over 60% of potential buyers in Russia being familiar with the trademark.
In 2017, the company rebranded Gzhelka while keeping it consistent with the product consumers already know.


  • 1999: The Supreme Board of the "Russian Brand No.1" prize awarded Gzhelka the "Russian Brand" Golden Seal of Quality.
  • 2000: Gold Medal at the International Tasting Competition at Prodexpo 2000.
  • 2001: The National Alcohol Association recognized Gzhelka as the most popular vodka in Russia.
  • 2001: Gold Medal at Prodexpo 2001 international trade show.
  • 2002: Gold Medal at the United Vodkas & Spirits International Tasting Competition 2002 (Brussels).
  • 2004: Product of the Year 2004 award at the annual Prodexpo 2004 international trade show.
  • 2005: The Brand of the Decade (1995-2005). Gzhelka also received highest scores in the "Total sales" and "Brand Longevity" categories.
Available volumes: 0.1 / 0.25 / 0.5 / 0.7 L.
Russian Crown Vodka
Russian Crown is a truly Russian vodka of the highest quality, a benchmark for sophistication and smoothness. Thanks to the best grain alcohol and uniquely pure artesian water, this vodka is especially well-suited for warm-hearted feasts and special occasions.

Russian Crown is one of the sales leaders in Europe.

From Russia. With love. For you.
Nastoyashchaya Vodka
Nastoyashchaya Vodka has been in production in Russia for over 10 years. It was recently rebranded by the leading British design bureau Claessens.

Nastoyashchaya's new design combines various materials and textures that emphasize the exclusive quality of the product:

  • individually numbered labels on luxurious textured paper
  • EXPORT wax seal replica
  • plastic cap with unique locking system and spill preventing dispenser.
Nastoyashchaya vodka won the Product of the Year award (High Quality category, 2014) and Gold and Silver Medals at the International Spirit Challenge (London, United Kingdom, 2013) and UNITED VODKA (Varna, Bulgaria, 2013); Product of the Year 2014 National Prize; BEST VODKA (Moscow, 2017); Vodka of the Year 2017 at the International tasting contest.

Nastoyashchaya vodka means real feelings, real adventure, and real friendship! You do not need all the money in the world to live a real life. All you need is good friends and the embrace of human relations - the best memories of youth.

A light nostalgia is a good reason to appreciate the present and enjoy as many good things as possible!
Russian Crown flavoured vodkas
Flavoured vodka with honey and pepper is a drink to warm your soul.
This flavoured vodka has a subtle note of hot pepper mellowed by natural honey. Natural herbs and spices - ginger, tormentil, coriander, laurel leaves, cumin - endow this exquisite blend with unique flavour and appeal.

Cranberry flavoured vodka is an exquisite drink with unmistakable cranberry aroma and the strength of just 18% and is especially popular with women.
Our vertically integrated structure facilitates the optimisation of the production process, protects it from external factors, and improves quality control. Stellar Group glass bottles manufacturing, in combination with our own vodka and cognac production, guarantees quality and stability of the taste and bouquet of alcoholic beverages, and their competitive prices. Our state-of-the-art certified production laboratory is constantly working on developing new flavours and innovative products.

In addition to our own range of products, Stellar Group also bottles third party brands, including private labels for major retail chains such as "Red&White" and "Magnolia".

Our experts find new recipes and procure the necessary ingredients. This allows Stellar Group to provide complete production solutions to our partners.
Being a major stakeholder on the domestic alcohol market, Stellar Group is aware of the potential risks for society connected with the consumption of alcoholic products.

It is for precisely this reason that Stellar Group considers the following so important:
- preventing pregnant women and minors from drinking alcohol;
- promoting responsible alcohol consumption by adults;
- combating counterfeit products that are potentially unsafe.
Employment policy

Stellar Group employs over 700 highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the alcohol production business. We value teamwork to achieve a common goal and daring to take on complex tasks.

Stellar Group is a team of like-minded individuals and partners.

We are looking to recruit dedicated, enterprising, energetic and responsible people who are good team players and are ready to further their professional knowledge and experience.

Stellar Group is a reliable employer and our employees equally enjoy:
- opportunities for professional and personal growth;
- respect for their opinion regardless of the position held;
- attention to the needs of the team and support for initiatives at all levels;
- career growth within the company based on fair acknowledgement of merit and capabilities.

We invite qualified and results-oriented individuals to join our dedicated team at Stellar Group.
Please send your CV to, and we will contact you directly when a job opportunity arises.

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